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About Us

The Ojah Scholarship Foundation is a nonprofit providing access to higher education for bright indigent students from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The foundation aims to provide full scholarships to its beneficiaries to the end of their programs. ​ Our focus is Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics because it fosters skills like critical thinking, predictive thinking using data, problem solving and creativity. These are all 21st century skills that are in use globally to drive sustainable change and advancement in industries and societies. ​ Our overarching mission is to close the wide gap in STEM between us and the first-world systems. In order to achieve this, we realize that qualitative education must be accessible to both the male and female genders, equally.  Thus, we also have a mission to uplift the girl child. Girl-child education and equality is key if we are to see real and meaningful development as a society. ​ ​ To help us do more, reach us on or visit here. ​

Nossa história

Oja nasceu no . Sua vida foi notável por seu impacto na vida das pessoas ao seu redor. A OSF está em homenagem ao seu legado.

A Fundação Ojah também é a 

Conheça o time

Applications are now closed
for the year 2024


OSF is proud to be in partnership with BETKing, the KingMakers who consistently bets on Nigerian students.

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