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Become Our Mentor

Are you interested in mentoring our scholars?

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


MENTOR Application Form

First Name

Last Name

Job Title

Years of Experience


Company Name

Work Address

Post/Zip Code




Please select major areas of interest/skills below that you would be happy to provide mentorship.

Others, please list...

Describe briefly the areas in which you feel you can be most helpful in providing mentorship (try to  be as specific as possible to help us with mentor/mentee matching)  

Are there any aspects of your work which we need to take into consideration in assigning you a mentee such as having a  very busy schedule, doing confidential work or going away for periods of the year?

Is there any characteristic in a mentee that would make a match uncomfortable for you?

Other considerations: Is there anything else you would like to add to your application information to assist us in the pairing process? 

Applications are now closed
for the year 2024


OSF is proud to be in partnership with BETKing, the KingMakers who consistently bets on Nigerian students.


Cash Award

Every scholarship awardee receives a cash payment of N600,000 that provides full coverage of board, academic materials, tuition and all other needs for a session.


At OSF we do not aim to handover cash prize and step back. We walk with our scholars throughout every session in quarterly mentorships led by volunteer industry profesionals.

Personal Computer

Being a STEM student means that you work closely with technology and we support that development with a competitive and stylish laptop that gives you a boost with studies or research.


We consider ourselves a family. From our mentors to scholars, staff to founders, we are a growing community and we share resources and knowledge to help each other overcome difficulty and challenges.

What The OSF Scholarship Provides

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