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We believe in a future where
We believe in a future where


has access to education.
every child
We believe in a future where


Como chegamos aqui



At OSF, our vision is to help facilitate equality for the girl child.


Every one deserves to be given the same opportunity in education and in the society.

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OSF provides gifted students access to education through fully funded scholarships.

We believe that accessible quality education will improve the social, economic and political outlook for our youths.

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Our core interest is STEM education.

The Niger Delta faces a widening chasm in this field despite its brilliant resources.

OSF seeks to mobilize partners and funding towards STEM advancement in the Niger Delta and across Nigeria in general.

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We are keen to be part of noble projects that improve education across Nigeria.

We are supporters of the Bayelsa Educational Expo, a science and math fair for our young students from primary to secondary school.

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For the year ending 2023 we received one corporate partnership from and other individual grants.

Details in our EOY report.

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There are currently 12 university undergrads on our support.

All OSF annual scholarship awardees receive full cover to the end of their program.

Cash Award

Every scholarship awardee receives a cash payment of N600,000 that provides full coverage of board, academic materials, tuition and all other needs for a session.


At OSF we do not aim to handover cash prize and step back. We walk with our scholars throughout every session in quarterly mentorships led by volunteer industry profesionals.

Personal Computer

Being a STEM student means that you work closely with technology and we support that development with a competitive and stylish laptop that gives you a boost with studies or research.


We consider ourselves a family. From our mentors to scholars, staff to founders, we are a growing community and we share resources and knowledge to help each other overcome difficulty and challenges.

What The OSF Scholarship Provides

Applications are now closed
for the year 2024


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